MB Client


 All of our clients are special to us, so we don’t do ‘specials’ per se. We help align your aesthetic goals with modern beauty options, educate and introduce amazing treatments that we believe in.

Becoming an MB client.

  1. Make a booking online, via phone or clinic visit.
  2. We start by getting to know you, and your skin a little better by meeting with our clinic director and medical team.
  3. Provide a full skin assessment under UV light
  4. Engage in a comprehensive anti-ageing discussion covering your aesthetic goals and treatment options
  5. Offer home skin care guide and advice, AM/PM essentials.
  6. Allow 15min plus treatment time.
  7. Note – These introductions are in a relaxed and friendly format, we pride ourselves on education and advice, not ‘hard sales’
  8. Consultations are free of charge
  9. If you wish to proceed to treatment you’ll receive a one-off 10% discount.
  10. Plus 15% off your 2nd treatment if booked within 2 weeks

 Once your contact details are in our system you’ll then receive all our promotional updates directly. Including but not limited to:

  • Amazing offers
  • News and information
  • Birthday gifts
  • Reminders and incentives for upcoming visits
  • $50 Referral incentives
  • Model opportunities for training and social media

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