Introducing Shirley Xu, Chinese Specialist Nurse Injector

Introducing My Botique Chatswood staff member, Chinese specialist nurse injector, Shirley Xu.
Specialist Chinese nurse injector Shirley is a rare commodity in Australia and in fact just about anywhere. Although hailing from mainland China, Shirley got her bachelor degree in nursing qualification, training and injecting experience since she moved to Australia in 2005. Although China will no doubt eventually become a huge market for non-surgery cosmetic treatments in the future – considering how wealthy many citizens are becoming and their penchant for all the luxuries and novelties of the West – currently there are not many specialist Chinese nurse injectors.
Having a passion for aesthetic medicine and skin care and coming from a background in plastic surgery, Shirley has a vast knowledge and experience of using injectable treatments for Asian faces. She says most Asians desire improvements to make their face appear slimmer, a higher nose bridge and often chin augmentation; these last two being achieved with dermal fillers for instant results. For older clients she often recommends treatments to “lift” the face up, including lifting the corners of the mouth with either dermal fillers or Botox, and use of lipodissolve injections into the chin area if a double chin exists. This treatment consists of several injections of a special protein to the problem area which dissolves the fat and causes it to “disappear” as the fat is harmlessly passed through the system and eliminated from the body naturally.
Another very popular treatment is blood plasma injections which can be used in a number of ways to get a variety of great results. In this treatment the patient’s own blood is extracted and then placed in a centrifuge then re-injected into the treatment areas. It can be used to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, the texture of the skin and even achieve a “youthful glow”. It can also be used on the scalp to invigorate and encourage hair growth. Results of the blood plasma treatments last one to two years.
Some younger Asian women want a glamorized look with fuller lips, the appearance of opened-up eyes and higher eyebrows which are achieved with a combination of Botox or Dysport and dermal fillers.
Shirley says that because Asian skin is so much thicker than Westerners’ skin they are at a huge advantage when it comes to aging with the appearance of looking much younger than their counterparts from the West. Asian skins with acne/scarring also respond extremely well to Dermaroller skin needling treatments.
One of the fears of her Chinese countrymen and women Shirley is keen to address is the idea that you can get “addicted” to these types of treatments. When people use this word for beauty treatments and plastic surgery it is actually incorrect, because there is no physical addiction or craving involved in these treatments or the substances used. So unlike drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or even chocolates and sugar, there is no addictive substance involved.
You can make an appointment to see Shirley currently on Saturdays at My Botique. Come in and discuss your options obligation-free. My Botique can also offer tailor-made wedding or other special occasion packages, to slim the face, make the skin glow and rejuvenate areas with a variety of treatments from high-level beauty treatments such as blueberry peel and micro dermabrasion to injectables including dermal fillers, anti wrinkle injections  and blood plasma treatment.

Fabulous Fillers 101

Not sure where to start with dermal fillers?  Afraid of getting “trout-pout” lips?  Wanting to know if there are side-effects?
Dermal fillers have been used for about 25 years, with some early temporary fillers being made of collagen from cows.  One of the first actors to sport the look was Barbara Hershey in 1988 in the movie Beaches which got a lot of publicity at the time.  Until then the only real option for dramatic changes to a person’s looks was plastic surgery.
We’ve all heard of collagen and know the important part it plays in our skin and looking young.  But one of the problems with bovine collagen was it had an allergic reaction in some people, consequently an allergy test was necessary and it wasn’t suitable for a lot of people.
With the development of scientifically-made temporary fillers such as Restylane, the need for the allergy test disappeared.  The first such temporary fillers had an effect for about three months then the product was dispersed safely through the system and the effects gone.  These treatments needed several pain-killing injections near the treatment areas, similar to several dental-block anaesthetic injections, prior to the actual injections of filler.
Since then products such as Juvederm have been developed which contain an anaesthetic which goes to work as soon as the injection is made, ending the necessity for pain-killing injections. These treatments have been further improved and refined over time and treatment effects can last for 18 months and beyond.
Suitable treatment areas for temporary fillers are almost limitless.  Starting with lip injections for a fuller, younger-looking mouth;  there are the naso labial folds either side of the mouth which increase with age; volume to the cheeks can be added; the tear-troughs under the eyes can  be filled and the appearance of many other lines on the face can be greatly reduced.  For a deep line between the eyebrows a combination of filler and Botox or Dysport can be used.
And treatment is not limited to the face.  The cleavage can be enhanced to diminish a “creepy-look” and the hands can also be treated with fillers to reduce the signs of ageing.
All of the fillers used at My Botique are completely safe and after a period of time are dispersed safely through the body’s natural elimination systems, after a period of approximately 18 months, although some clients are reporting effects are lasting even longer.
My Botique does not use and does not advise the use of any permanent filler as long-term side effects are unknown and there are some reports of unfortunate complications such as in breast implants that have gone wrong over time.
The other advantage of temporary fillers is that they can effectively be “removed” after treatment if the desired results are not achieved.  Although My Botique has not had any such requests so far.
The skill and experience of your nurse or doctor injector is of paramount importance.  Trust an expert who has been injecting for a long time as well as keeping up with the latest developments and operates in a sterile and calm environment.
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