A youthful perspective to Anti Ageing – With Laura, 23 years old.

As a 23 year old women I believe the most important steps to take in anti-aging is to simply avoid smoking, sun beds, minimize stress and most of all wear sunscreen faithfully. Being from the UK originally I have been lucky enough not to be exposed to as much sun damage as I would have growing up here, which makes a big difference. One thing our elders stress is to wear sun protection as they know firsthand the damage it can cause. Research has proven that wearing broad-spectrum suncream SPF 30 with protectors from both UVA and UVB rays everyday will prolong that youthful glow. Exposure to sun and smoking shows us that it is decreasing the body’s natural ability to produce collagen leading to premature aging. Although you may not see the fine lines, dark spots or wrinkles till you hit 25 but you are more likely to develop dilated blood vessels, deep wrinkles and loss of elasticity, 10X more than someone that avoids these when you hit the 30’s and 40’s.
Anti-aging products increase cell turnover and repair collagen production but in a young adult the skin already has an excellent natural anti-aging barrier, which means the skin is capable of repairing itself. During this time a regime of products and treatments high in anti –oxidants that will also protect the skin from free-radicals- such as vitamin C/E, Green tea, Niacinmaide, and ALA’s would be ideal. Late 20’s and above  adults will now start to enter aging where the body will slow down the production of collagen causing skin to lose elasticity, sagging and the skin will start to lack youthful glow, depending on how well they have utilized prevention methods. Anti-aging products at this stage will then become a must in skin care routines To encourage cellular turnover and collagen these products need to contain specific  ingredients such as retinol, vitamin A, AHA’s, amino acids, spin trap and epidermal growth factors.
With anti wrinkle/fillers being a more 30 measure to regain youthful appearance, I believe younger crowds 20-30’s should start the use of neurotoxins (Botox/Dysport) when they start noticing fines lines and wrinkles. Anti wrinkle treatments are often thought of as a too extreme measure for this age bracket however the last 5 years has proven it is becoming extremely talked about as the most common quick fix amongst this generation. In the industry an increasing anti-aging treatment we now have seen to be more favored is known as “Baby Botox” in general terms just Botox. The only difference “baby Botox” has to the regular Botox is the unit size, The neurotoxin is injected in smaller unit amounts not treat a whole area but to the small line/wrinkle to prevent the lines from worsening and slow down the progression along the pre age process.
Best solutions for anti-aging is:
Prevention- 20’s                                Prolonging the process 30
1, Stay out of the sun               1, Start anti-aging skin care
2, Wear sun cream’s                                  2, Sun creams