Controlled Trauma: Needling – Pen vs Roller

At My Botique, we love any treatment that encourages natural cell regeneration! Similarly to how our muscles build up in the gym after being broken down, creating slight damage or controlled trauma to your skin enables your skin cells to regenerate and grow into healthier cells. This process, known as needling, has become a popular treatment touted as the “it” treatment by beauty editors around the world, although not all needling technique are the same. Many clinics are still using a dermal roller for their needling. These are still effective, however we find them less precise and more prone to unnecessary scratching than the pens.

Roller vs. Pen

The main differentiation between the application types of this treatment is the ability to customise the settings of the needles. The rollers needle depth is set and unable to be customised for each skin area, therefore, making it harder to effectively treat troubled areas.

The automated pen allows for ultimate control for us to treat closer, and deeper to troubled areas as required. The superficial microchannels also allow topical serums such as PRP, Hyaluronic Acid and Growth Factors to be absorbed more effectively into the skin.

New Innovation Technology – How it works

Automated Micro-Needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), is a new innovation in aesthetic medicine using tiny surgical grade needles to create controlled micro injuries to the skin. This ‘controlled trauma’ promotes regeneration and revitalisation of the skin through the body’s natural healing response. Over time, this treatment works to build healthier, firmer skin cells and stimulate the renewal of your body’s own collagen production through collagen induction therapy.

How often should the treatment be done?

As with all treatments, the recommended amount of treatment varies depending on your skin condition and desired outcome. Your therapist will assess your skin and provide you with a treatment plan to maximise your results. Some patients only require one treatment per year for optimal results, however, a series of three spaced six to eight weeks apart is recommended. For patients with deeper wrinkles, advanced photo ageing, acne scars or stretch marks then six to eight sessions six weeks apart is highly recommended.

What can it treat?

Eclipse Micro Pen can be used on all areas of the body including face, neck, décolleté, hands and body. It is used to regenerate the cells and increase collagen production in the skin for a firmer healthier face with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment can also improve acne scarring, skin irregularities, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks. In order to minimise your discomfort, a numbing gel is applied to patients skin prior to treatment. Post treatment, slight redness and flaking is expected.

It is important to consider all options of techniques for needling treatments before booking treatment sessions. If you have any questions regarding needling treatments, contact My Botique and speak to one of our professionally trained staff members on 1300 126 869 or visit our website