Volume Loss/Structure/Definition

Volume loss affects everyone and plays a major role in perceived facial ageing whether it’s:

  • Natural ageing
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Child birth
  • Illness
  • High metabolism
  • Active facial muscle
  • Career/Lifestyle


All of which can affect our facial structure and volume creating separation, sagging, hollowing, and reduced youthful fullness. By creating a fully customised total face rejuvenation package we can correct the key areas of volume loss with the ageing face. Utilising upper, middle and lower face lifting techniques to create structural integrity and lifting prior to volumising and defining the face.

If you have noticed facial ageing or volume loss and would like to dramatically reverse the signs then the Ultimate Volume package could be for you. Replace volume loss, define and accentuate key features. Areas include lips, cheeks, jawline, tear trough, nose, chin, temple, hands.


Controlling wrinkles is a  fundamental, yet small part of a balanced treatment plan. To understand wrinkles and how best to treat them we break them into two separate categories.

  1. Dynamic Wrinkles – These are wrinkles that present themselves while our face is motion and expressive,  like laughing, squinting or frowning. These dynamic wrinkles are treated with anti – wrinkle treatments like Botox and Dysport.
  2. Static Wrinkles – These are lines and wrinkles that are present when our face isn’t in motion. These static wrinkles are generally treated with Dermal Fillers.

Anti – wrinkle treatments can help reduce and control dynamic wrinkles, excess sweating (hyperhidrosis), and shaping and definition of facial muscles. Treatment areas include forehead, glabella, crows feet, platysmas (neck bands) jawline, gummy smile and downturned lips. Our controlled trauma treatments also thicken the dermis which generally make dymamic wrinkles a lot less obvious. So to find out which wrinkles are bothering you the most, discuss them with our team and work our the best treatment solution.

Trauma/Tired Skin

Maintaining healthy skin is much like how we maintain a healthy body in the gym. We need to keep it hydrated, balanced, filled with nutrients, but most importantly, keep it working! Something the BB babes know all about! If you feel your skin is a little tired, or not as firm and supple as it could be you may need to consider a workout!

A key aspect of our annual treatment plans is controlled trauma. Now although it sounds a little scary, the science behind it isn’t. By doing certain treatments such as Microdermabrasions, Cosmedix ‘Shedding’ Peels such as Deep Sea, Automated Micro Needling, Laser and Boosters we can activate a cellular response for general skin health and tightening. We also increase collagen remodelling for dermal thickness and increase natural growth factors for improved texture and youthfulness.

By working on an intelligent annual plan you’ll have your skin looking the healthiest it can be!


At My Botique, we understand the importance of healthy skin. As most of you are aware, Dermal Fillers can enhance your skin by increasing its volume and definition as well as restoring your youthful glow. So how does it work?

In order to help your understanding of each of the processes, one area of dermal science has been broken down to aid you in making the right choices for your anti-aging concerns.

Made up of naturally forming sugar proteins called Hyaluronic acid, or HA’s, dermal fillers have become the answer for modern cosmetic medicine. The HA’s are moisture binding ingredients that are stored within stabilized gels to keep them in place at the point of injection, adding volume and structure. By surrounding and nourishing the stretchy collagen fibers within the skin, HA’s restore the skin’s shape after being stretched.

Anti-ageing is beyond just augmentation; it is a holistic face approach towards healthy, youthful looking skin. As we age, skin moisture levels can significantly drop causing the skin to lose its elasticity and therefore exposing signs of ageing. With its unique ability to attract and retain moisture (1000 ml of water per gram of hyaluronic acid) Hyaluronic acid plays a critical role in skin health. Our skin is made up of 64% water, meaning the ability to retain this vital ingredient is key in maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance.

Hyaluronic Acid Replacement Therapy (HART) replaces lost HA to improve hydration whilst adding volume and definition, reducing wrinkles and providing a complete upper and lower face-lift. Treatments can be tailored to satisfy your specific demands such as maximize or limit volume.

Why is it important?

You wouldn’t think twice about replacing calcium for healthy bones, so why not HA for healthy skin? Water is a vital nutrient for the life of our skin cells and lack of hydration can cause dry, tight and flaky skin.


Pigmentation and Photo – Aging

Living near the beach is one of our favourite things in life and we wouldn’t want it any other way. However  even if we use high quality sun screen and cover up, beach life means we generally get a little more sun than we should! Although pigmentation is caused by many reasons like hormonal changes etc, one of the main reasons for premature ageing of the skin is sun exposure! Pigmentation and age spots can leave us with an uneven skin tone that adds to the premature signs of ageing which we’d like to address.

We can help reduce photo – ageing, pigmentation, sun damage, rosacea, capillaries and uneven skin tone with a variety of treatments. Microdermabrasions, Cosmedix Peels, and Laser Therapy all toward reducing the signs of photo – ageing. On a more scientific level, treating pigmented lesions with our laser therapy  involve the lesions which are selectively pre-heated using IPL. Following that, the pre-heated melanin – which has lower impedance – attracts RF for further heating. The melanin is then broken into smaller particles – melanosomes and melanin-containing cells – called melanocytes, which are then destroyed.

Regardless of what we can do in clinic your best defence against photo – ageing is to slip, slop, slap with quality products and limit your exposure to the sun wherever possible. Even in the car to protect your hands from premature ageing!

Skin Clarity, texture and health

We all want clear, healthy looking skin however the basics are often overlooked in search of more advanced treatment options. It’s important that we regularly clean the skin by removing the dead layers, activate cellular renewal for a clean, unclogged, clear and refreshed look.

By getting regular Microdermabrasions, Cosmetix Peels, Masks, Needling or PRP you’ll be sure to maintain a clear healthy glow. Microderabrasions and Peels are excellent options all year round although especially beneficial before any event or occasion when you really want to WOW the audience.