Why Hydrobalance Our Skin?

 Hydrobalance your skin

As we grow older the skin’s capacity to hold water and maintain elasticity and smoothness diminishes and results in poorer skin tone, structure and firmness.  These changes are well attributed to genetic factors, as well as lifestyle factors such as exposure to sun and smoking.
One of the key components in our skin is hyaluronic acid, it occurs naturally in our bodies where it plays an important role in hydrating skin. Put simply, hyaluronic acid keeps our skin firm, supple and looking healthy. However; as we age our skin cells lose their ability to produce this all-important substance. The inevitable result of this is skin that’s drier; thinner; and lacking in volume. Skin that can so easily ‘give away’ our age.
Hydrobalance is a term used to describe how the treatment buffer the skin’s moisture content. As Skinbooster (a soft hyaluronic acid filler) can hold a lot of water in the skin they become physiologically active dermal reservoirs of hydration.  By increasing the skin’s moisture holding capacity, the skin becomes more resistant to dehydrating forces and retain its elasticity and structure.
Skinboosters are safe and natural for revitalization and improved hydrobalance of the skin and lips. It improves skin elasticity, making the skin look hydrated and feel smooth to the touch, creating a naturally fresh and youthful appearance. Skinbooster is specifically formulated for patients with more moderate and severe photo-aging, or for those with thicker, more aged skin. The Skinbooster filler is made with NASHA technology which is an unique and patented technology for the production of high purity gels containing stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid. Stabilization of the hyaluronic acid molecules results in gel networks characterized by an excellent safety profile, providing unequaled lifting capacity that offers continuous correction over time. Safety and efficacy of the treatment have both been clinically documented and are supported by robust clinical studies, spanning over a decade.
The benefits of the treatment last for several months. An initial, intense treatment of skinboosters usually comprises 2 to 3 treatment sessions comprising a series of very fine injections approximately a month apart, although further treatment sessions may be required to achieve the optimal aesthetic result.  Typically a maintenance treatment would be required after around 4- 6 months.

Benefits of Skinboosters
* restored Hydrobalance
* Improved skin elasticity and structure
* Increase skin “plumpness” and firmness
* Options to treat face, neck, decolletage, hands, lips, ears
Pre Treatment Advice
·         Pregnancy and breast feeding are contra-indications to treatment.
·         Alcohol intake should be reduced at least 24 hours before treatment.
·         Medication such as aspirin may cause bruising as will high doses of Vitamin E.
·         Sun beds, waxing, electrolysis and laser should be avoided at least 48 hours before treatment.
·         Pain sensitivity may be heightened at certain times (pre-menstrual or following excessive alcohol intake)
·         Bruising may be reduced by taking Arnica tablets two days before treatment.

Cosmedix Peels – Amazing Results

Cosmedix Peels – We Love Them!


Cosmedix Peels are innovative, non-traumatic peels which work to aid a healthy change in the skin. This range of peels is suitable for all skin types and will give you a beautiful renewed complexion.
Our therapists are experienced in these treatments and will be able to choose the correct peel for your needs. Your therapist will work to build your skin up with correct planning and preparation to maximise the benefits of these chirally correct peels and leave you amazed with the results!

Today’s Peels – $95.00

Pomegranate Peel
Lavish your skin with anti oxidants to prevent free radical damage and support the lifespan of healthy cells.

Aspect Doctor Lactic 30%
Is a great Pre-event peel gives the skin great exfoliation and restore’s a youthful glow.

PCA Oxygenating Trio
A three step treatment system which works in perfect combination to help stimulate cutaneous oxygenation and circulation, rejuvenating sluggish, stressed skin as it draws oxygen to the skin’s surface.

Benefit Peel
This potent antioxidant peel helps deliver a blend of nourishing and natural
Ingredients into the skin layers, without excessive peeling. The ultimate antioxidant
peel for hypersensitive, ageing, or acne prone skin, Benefit Peel is gentle enough
for patients with sensitive skin.

Tomorrows Peels – $150.00

Remember that Tomorrows Peels require 10 to 30 days preparation. Our therapists will advise you on the best way to get started.

Deep sea Peel
This acid-free herbal peel uses mineral-rich marine actives to penetrate from superficial to medium (dermal) depth to correct the look of impure and prematurely aged skin.

Timeless Peel
The very best peel to dramatically reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging. Featuring our highest concentration of chirally correct encapsulated vitamin A and lactic acid, this medium-depth peel dramatically reduces the appearance of ageing and pigmentation.

PCA Jessner
This enhanced Jessner’s formula is for those who have no sensitivity to hydroquinone. This peel helps promote an even skin tone and a clear complexion.

Why My Botique Love Peels
Peels are a fantastic way to cleanse and nourish the skin whilst also correcting many common skin problems. They’re suitable for everyone and offer cost effective, quick and remarkable results.

SRA Photofacial Rejuvenating Laser Treatment

SRA Photofacial Rejuvenating Laser Treatment   Currently on special at My Botique for $150 (normally $250)

This is not your average facial.  In fact, except for the name, this treatment doesn’t resemble a “normal” facial at all.  The SRA Photofacial is a laser treatment that rejuvenates the face on many levels but primarily by removing pigmented skin such as age spots, hyper pigmentation, freckles and vascular lesions such as broken capillaries and roseacea.

The treatment takes approximately 15-20 minutes to treat the whole face. Results are instant but will improve over the course of a week.  Pigmented skin will become darker and may become slightly “crusted” over the following few days, but this is a good thing, as newer, un-pigmented skin is coming through.

A course of three treatments a month apart are recommended for pigmentation, whereas vascular and roseacea treatments will need approximately six to seven treatments.

The SRA Photo Facial is not completely pain-free, there is some discomfort which is described as similar to having laser hair removal, or having an elastic band snapped against your skin.

But MB clients say the advantages far outweigh the discomfort.  Unlike a “normal” facial where you might feel nice after leaving a regular beauty salon, but have no visible results, the SRA Photo Facial yields dramatic, lasting results and recipients are generally delighted with the outcome.


For a more scientific description of these treatments, read here:- SR and SRA elos skin treatment involve a number of stages.  For pigmented lesions, first the lesions are selectively pre-heated with IPL.  Then the pre-heated melanin which has lower impedance attracts RF for further heating.  Melanin is broken into small particles, melanosomes, and melanin-contain cells, called melanocytes, are destroyed.

For vascular lesions, the lesions are selectively pre-heated with IPL, then the pre-heated hemoglobin, which has lower impedance, attracts RF for further heating.  The blood coagulates and conducts heat to the vessel wall, causing some to collapse and disappear immediately, and others to disintegrate gradually.

Youthful Brow

Dear valued patient,
When you look in the mirror, what’s the first thing you see? Is it your eyes? Chances are they are the first part of your face that you look at. That’s because eyes are the most outstanding feature of the face, and one of the first signs of beauty we instinctively recognise.
If your eyes look fresh and welcoming, you could say they look ‘open.’ However, over time, the area around your eyes may become less defined. This may be caused by loss of volume, which results in less ‘open’ eyes, along with distracting lines and wrinkles.
A brow that is well defined has few wrinkles and adequate volume that helps create ‘open’ eyes.
To gain a better understanding of your brow, do a quick assessment by following the diagram below.
From the side of your nose, trace a straight line that touches the inside of your eye to see where your brow should begin.
From the side of your nose, trace a straight line that touches the outer edge of your iris to see where your brow’s highest point should be.
From the side of your nose, trace a straight line that touches the outside of your eye to see where your brow should end.

Skin Medica – With Added Growth Factors

Testimonial: from Your Blogger

I was intrigued by TNS Recovery Complex being voted best décolleté anti-aging product in the US as being the owner of damaged skin in this area I had not been able to use any products on said décolleté other than very gentle sunscreen, due to sensitivity.  Even lightening creams brought me out on a rash which was inflamed and itchy.  I was actually grateful this was not how the skin on my face behaved.

After initially being put off by the strong smell of the red, gel-like product I persevered – if this is what human growth factors smelled like I’d just have to lump it – and I was encouraged by the fact that it did not cause this particularly delicate skin any irritation.

With twice-daily application I started to notice an improvement in the appearance of this skin area in just a few days.  Anything better than just “normal” was a huge bonus, as I said before, any other treatment product would make me break out in itchy and burning red spots, and it would take a fortnight of washing with soapless soap to get this skin back to its “normal” – not very attractive looking – self.

Although it’s early days I feel very confident in using this product and will report back down the line about longer-term benefits.  Most of the information I’ve read about TNS Recovery Complex says real improvement will start to show within 3-6 months of regular use.

The TNS Eye Repair Cream’s appearance is of a luxury eye cream (white coloured) and does not have the smell, texture or colour of the Recovery Complex. It is extremely pleasant to use and as I’m only a short-time user I’m going to add some information from another source to point to its efficacy.

In the USA the ABC Network’s Good Morning America put an “Eye Cream Dream Team” together, made up of ten top dermatologists from around the country.

The dermatologists named SkinMedica more than any other high-end cream.  The brand’s TNS Eye Repair Cream “goes above and beyond many of the problems that many people complain about,” said one dermatologist, Dr Day.  “And I’ve seen really great results” the doctor added.

Platelet Rich Plasma – Thicker Than Water

A relatively new injectable treatment, platelet rich plasma (PRP), is producing amazing results on a variety of age-related skin conditions.

Recently PRP has become popular in the treatment of sports injuries, although The American Journal of Sports Medicine says platelet-rich plasma has been utilised in surgery for two decades.

Cosmetic uses include treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, facial rejuvenation, improvement of skin’s tone and texture, and it can be used on a variety of areas including the face, décolletage and backs of hands.  And a particularly promising area is the treatment to help stimulate regrowth in hair loss in males and females. New uses with positive results are being discovered at a rapid pace.

The discovery of PRP for aesthetic use was – like many great scientific discoveries – almost an accident, as the treatment was initially developed to treat soft tissue and bone injuries and stimulate healing.  Like Botox before it, which was developed to treat crossed eyes, excessive blinking, excessive sweating and other conditions.

The beauty of PRP is that your own blood is used, so there’s no risk of infection or allergic reaction.  When the PRP is injected into the skin the rate of healing and tissue restructuring is increased.

Described simply, the treatment involves extracting a small amount of the patient’s own blood which is then centrifuged and put back in the patient’s desired treatment areas.

From the centrifuged blood of the patient a plasma is obtained, with platelets and white cells separated from the red cells by a gel.  The plasma is what is injected back into the patient.

The actual process is called autologous cell regeneration.  What happens is bio-stimulation of the cells of the dermis (the layer of skin under the epidermis or outer layer) with the patient’s own bio-active platelet rich plasma (PRP), including leucocytes.  The aim of these injections is to stimulate and regenerate aged and damaged skin and to produce a new dermis.

Introducing Shirley Xu, Chinese Specialist Nurse Injector

Introducing My Botique Chatswood staff member, Chinese specialist nurse injector, Shirley Xu.
Specialist Chinese nurse injector Shirley is a rare commodity in Australia and in fact just about anywhere. Although hailing from mainland China, Shirley got her bachelor degree in nursing qualification, training and injecting experience since she moved to Australia in 2005. Although China will no doubt eventually become a huge market for non-surgery cosmetic treatments in the future – considering how wealthy many citizens are becoming and their penchant for all the luxuries and novelties of the West – currently there are not many specialist Chinese nurse injectors.
Having a passion for aesthetic medicine and skin care and coming from a background in plastic surgery, Shirley has a vast knowledge and experience of using injectable treatments for Asian faces. She says most Asians desire improvements to make their face appear slimmer, a higher nose bridge and often chin augmentation; these last two being achieved with dermal fillers for instant results. For older clients she often recommends treatments to “lift” the face up, including lifting the corners of the mouth with either dermal fillers or Botox, and use of lipodissolve injections into the chin area if a double chin exists. This treatment consists of several injections of a special protein to the problem area which dissolves the fat and causes it to “disappear” as the fat is harmlessly passed through the system and eliminated from the body naturally.
Another very popular treatment is blood plasma injections which can be used in a number of ways to get a variety of great results. In this treatment the patient’s own blood is extracted and then placed in a centrifuge then re-injected into the treatment areas. It can be used to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, the texture of the skin and even achieve a “youthful glow”. It can also be used on the scalp to invigorate and encourage hair growth. Results of the blood plasma treatments last one to two years.
Some younger Asian women want a glamorized look with fuller lips, the appearance of opened-up eyes and higher eyebrows which are achieved with a combination of Botox or Dysport and dermal fillers.
Shirley says that because Asian skin is so much thicker than Westerners’ skin they are at a huge advantage when it comes to aging with the appearance of looking much younger than their counterparts from the West. Asian skins with acne/scarring also respond extremely well to Dermaroller skin needling treatments.
One of the fears of her Chinese countrymen and women Shirley is keen to address is the idea that you can get “addicted” to these types of treatments. When people use this word for beauty treatments and plastic surgery it is actually incorrect, because there is no physical addiction or craving involved in these treatments or the substances used. So unlike drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or even chocolates and sugar, there is no addictive substance involved.
You can make an appointment to see Shirley currently on Saturdays at My Botique. Come in and discuss your options obligation-free. My Botique can also offer tailor-made wedding or other special occasion packages, to slim the face, make the skin glow and rejuvenate areas with a variety of treatments from high-level beauty treatments such as blueberry peel and micro dermabrasion to injectables including dermal fillers, anti wrinkle injections  and blood plasma treatment.

Fabulous Fillers 101

Not sure where to start with dermal fillers?  Afraid of getting “trout-pout” lips?  Wanting to know if there are side-effects?
Dermal fillers have been used for about 25 years, with some early temporary fillers being made of collagen from cows.  One of the first actors to sport the look was Barbara Hershey in 1988 in the movie Beaches which got a lot of publicity at the time.  Until then the only real option for dramatic changes to a person’s looks was plastic surgery.
We’ve all heard of collagen and know the important part it plays in our skin and looking young.  But one of the problems with bovine collagen was it had an allergic reaction in some people, consequently an allergy test was necessary and it wasn’t suitable for a lot of people.
With the development of scientifically-made temporary fillers such as Restylane, the need for the allergy test disappeared.  The first such temporary fillers had an effect for about three months then the product was dispersed safely through the system and the effects gone.  These treatments needed several pain-killing injections near the treatment areas, similar to several dental-block anaesthetic injections, prior to the actual injections of filler.
Since then products such as Juvederm have been developed which contain an anaesthetic which goes to work as soon as the injection is made, ending the necessity for pain-killing injections. These treatments have been further improved and refined over time and treatment effects can last for 18 months and beyond.
Suitable treatment areas for temporary fillers are almost limitless.  Starting with lip injections for a fuller, younger-looking mouth;  there are the naso labial folds either side of the mouth which increase with age; volume to the cheeks can be added; the tear-troughs under the eyes can  be filled and the appearance of many other lines on the face can be greatly reduced.  For a deep line between the eyebrows a combination of filler and Botox or Dysport can be used.
And treatment is not limited to the face.  The cleavage can be enhanced to diminish a “creepy-look” and the hands can also be treated with fillers to reduce the signs of ageing.
All of the fillers used at My Botique are completely safe and after a period of time are dispersed safely through the body’s natural elimination systems, after a period of approximately 18 months, although some clients are reporting effects are lasting even longer.
My Botique does not use and does not advise the use of any permanent filler as long-term side effects are unknown and there are some reports of unfortunate complications such as in breast implants that have gone wrong over time.
The other advantage of temporary fillers is that they can effectively be “removed” after treatment if the desired results are not achieved.  Although My Botique has not had any such requests so far.
The skill and experience of your nurse or doctor injector is of paramount importance.  Trust an expert who has been injecting for a long time as well as keeping up with the latest developments and operates in a sterile and calm environment.
For more information you can view the following:http://www.q-med.com/products/restylane/




Cosmeceuticals – Why They’re Great

Cosmeceuticals are powerful products that do more for you skin than the mass-produced products you may be more familiar with. We put some questions to Rachel Waters, NSW Product Specialist at Advanced Skin Technology, about the Cosmedix range of products.

Q.  What are the key differences between Cosmedix and other products on the market?
Cosmedix is a botanical based, true chirally correct range that uses only the most advanced antioxidants available, and highest concentrations of actives, without diluting or compromising these with harsh, potentially irritating detergents, artificial fragrances, colours or preservatives.

The Cosmedix range uses only essential oils, active vitamins and other ingredients that are free of petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and other potentially irritating ingredients.

Q. Who are they suitable for?
The home maintenance range is suitable for all skin types from oily to the most sensitive. As each skin condition is unique, Cosmedix has a home care regime that can be tailored to suit each individual’s concern, from acne and rosacea to sun damage and hyper pigmentation – without the irritation or downtime.

Q. Why are clinic grade cosmeceuticals so important?
Retail cosmetic products sold over the counter in department stores and pharmacies are closely regulated by the TGA to avoid client reactions and be sold to the mass markets. They are therefore regulated to  contain much smaller amounts of active ingredients. These are “Coat and Cover” products, packaged beautifully and marketed very well, that smell lovely, but are unlikely to change the skin at a cellular level.

Cosmeceuticals, and the topical application of active ingredients, are important for anyone with skin concerns who is looking for results, and to create change in their skin. The products in the Cosmedix range utilize cutting edge technology to effect lasting change at both an epidermal and dermal level.

Q. How do they help maintain injectable treatments ? 
Injectables are fantastic for lines and wrinkles, however they will not affect the tone or texture of the skin that may present as sun damage, rosacea, congestion, open pores and hyper pigmentation. By ensuring our skin is in a good, strong condition, with an even, clear texture and tone, we enhance our injectable treatments for a more youthful appearance.

To find out more about the Cosmedix range visit..