Beauty trends, makeup and Contouring with fillers

The secret to extending the life of the hottest beauty trends

You can’t scroll through social media these days without hearing about the latest hot three beauty trends.  Beautiful brow’s, creative contouring and the perfect pout!
Well, this week we’re going to let you in on a few little secrets, giving you our top tips to keep your beauty trends on point for longer than just a weekend night out.

Beautiful BrowsBeautiful Brows                                        

We are in the midst of a lush brow epidemic, which I for one am not going to give up! Say goodbye to over plucked, pencil thin eyebrows and hello to thick, beautiful full brows.

As we’ve been told time and time again, the brows frame the face.  From a cosmetic injector’s point of view, a clients’ ‘on point brows’, are the icing on the cake of beautiful injectable work.

There are many techniques to enhance the brow, such as feathering, tattooing, sculpting, pencil work and more. You may be doing this already and wondering why yours still don’t look like #browcobrowbar!

Well, our little secret to making that brow stand out is hidden in your Temple!!

The temple area is often skimmed over when assessing the face, so here are a couple of tell tail signs of a temple area deficit. The easiest test, is to look at yourself straight on in the mirror, if there is an hour glass shape forming between the forehead and the cheek bone and if the tail of your brow is no longer defined and visible, this is a result of a deficit of the ‘temple fat pad’. Using Hyaluronic Acid Dermal fillers, the temple area can easily be filled with minimal discomfort to the client. Even the most naturally thin brow will look fuller again once the temple area is lifted.  Add some tiny pencil flicks through the brow to thicken and enhance and ‘Voila!’ Your brows are party season ready well into 2017!


Creative Contouring


Contouring has become the buzz word of the cosmetics industry over the last year or two. Whilst there is no doubt that makeup can accentuate the structural contours of the face, to achieve the best results possible it’s far more effective to assess the way the fat pads and bone structure sit naturally in your face.

You can do this yourself, look at the shadows that are cast on the face, are they symmetrical? Is the skin sagging? Is the jaw line, cheek bone or nose looking less defined?

The answer is simple. By using dermal fillers, you can lift the cheeks, straighten the appearance of the nose, highlight the temples, strengthen the jaw line and diminish shadowing around the nose and mouth.

Did you know that some of Hyaluronic Acid fillers we use at MB have light reflecting capabilities?  Some of our clients choose dermal fillers purely for these ‘highlighting’ properties. It can be said to be like “airbrushing” for fine lines, it is super hydrating and enhances the light reflecting capabilities of the skin. So, your next selfie or family photo will have you glowing from the inside out!

This once again reinforces the important fact that when dermal fillers are in the hands of qualified experienced injectors the results will be natural and beautiful.


Perfect PoutPerfect  Pout

The most talked about beauty trend is the perfect pout! The finishing touch to any look is a lip that lasts the night.  This is one area My Botique has got you covered. We have all lip shapes and volumes for all ages, where you can achieve anything from the softest natural looking lip through to the most full voluptuous perfect pout.  If having dermal fillers in your lips conjures up images of duck lips for you, seriously think again!  My Botique have a range of dermal fillers that can provide varying levels of effect from soft to a more defined pout.  After a consult the right filler will be chosen for you.  Techniques vary from filling the fine lines around the mouth to filling the boarder of the lip.  You may want to accentuate a naturally full lip or you may seek enhanced symmetry in the lip.  My Botique can also work with clients who have asymmetry in the lips due to nature, previous work or problems from birth i.e. cleft palate.

Have your lips treated with dermal fillers a few weeks prior to your next social engagement as this will give them time to settle.

Before you head out treat yourself to a lip scrub and before making sure you line along those freshly plumped lip boarders before filling them in with your favourite party colour.

Well there you have it, My Botique’s beauty solution to the three latest trends!

Book in a consultation today and find a solution that leaves you feel happy and confident in your appearance.