The importance of balance, its easy as PHI

Balancing all our commitments in a busy world seems to be getting trickier as the days go on. We’re often envious of those that seem to have the perfect work, family, life balance (perhaps just Instagram life and not real life!). Well, we are here to tell you that finding balance when you look in the mirror can be as easy as phi to attain when you’re in the right hands. That’s right, it’s not a spelling mistake, we are talking about the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet PHI!

PHI (pronounced fi) is a mathematical reference of Fibonacci Numbers, the sequence of these numbers equates to the golden ratio 1.618, basically, the perfect balance!

When we look at a person and think they look attractive, often, it’s because their face is in proportion, and it’s balanced. There have been many different theories when it comes to our perception of beauty. One of the most interesting and talked about is the golden ratio theory. This theory talks about the idea that we are hard-wired when it comes to our views on beauty. Beauty being based on how closely a person’s face reflects the golden ratio (PHI) in proportions.


If you look at an image that we are all familiar with Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’.

It shows us the golden ratio in body dimensions, foot to navel, navel to head.


The same golden ratio theory is used by our injectors in our clinic at My Botique when assessing your face. Each client is independently assessed and the face is broken into equal thirds, the third of the face that is out of proportion to the other two is the third that needs some attention.

This may not just be an issue of the length of each third of the face, but may also be the width, the proportion of the jaw to nose, to eyes, to forehead etc. The trained eye of our injectors will be able to create a unique plan for you and guide you in treatments to undergo and the order in which to do them in order for your face to maintain a natural proportion.


Many of our clients start out treating the upper two-thirds of the face, which is a great place to start. It’s what you’d call the beauty triangle, it’s the area you focus on when you look at yourself in the mirror, however, as time passes we age!


As we age the lower third of the face (and the areas outside of this triangle) are often the neglected, however, these are the areas that need the most support. Supporting the jaw line by placing hyaluronic acid dermal fillers directly into a deficit or indirectly to lift the skin is a great way to bring proportion back to the face. Placing a filler into the chin can also add needed width or an elongation to the face.


Ask in clinic today to find out more about your individualised plan.

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