Trauma/Tired Skin

Maintaining healthy skin is much like how we maintain a healthy body in the gym. We need to keep it hydrated, balanced, filled with nutrients, but most importantly, keep it working! Something the BB babes know all about! If you feel your skin is a little tired, or not as firm and supple as it could be you may need to consider a workout!

A key aspect of our annual treatment plans is controlled trauma. Now although it sounds a little scary, the science behind it isn’t. By doing certain treatments such as Microdermabrasions, Cosmedix ‘Shedding’ Peels such as Deep Sea, Automated Micro-Needling, Laser and Boosters we can activate a cellular response for general skin health and tightening. We also increase collagen remodelling for dermal thickness and increase natural growth factors for improved texture and youthfulness.

By working on an intelligent annual plan you’ll have your skin looking the healthiest it can be!