Volume Loss/Structure/Definition

Volume loss affects everyone and plays a major role in perceived facial ageing whether it’s: Natural ageing, Dramatic weight loss, Childbirth, Illness, High metabolism, Active facial muscle or Career/Lifestyle.

All of which can affect our facial structure and volume creating separation, sagging, hollowing, and reduced youthful fullness. By creating a fully customised total face rejuvenation package we can correct the key areas of volume loss with the ageing face. Utilising upper, middle and lower face lifting techniques to create structural integrity and lifting prior to volumising and defining the face.

If you have noticed facial ageing or volume loss and would like to dramatically reverse the signs then the Ultimate Volume package could be for you. Replace volume loss, define and accentuate key features. Areas include lips, cheeks, jawline, tear trough, nose, chin, temple, hands.