Skin Clarity, texture and health

We all want clear, healthy looking skin however the basics are often overlooked in search of more advanced treatment options. It’s important that we regularly clean the skin by removing the dead layers, activate cellular renewal for a clean, unclogged, clear and refreshed look.

By getting regular Microdermabrasions, Cosmetix Peels, Masks, Needling or PRP you’ll be sure to maintain a clear healthy glow. Microderabrasions and Peels are excellent options all year round although especially beneficial before any event or occasion when you really want to WOW the audience.

The importance of balance, its easy as PHI

Balancing all our commitments in a busy world seems to be getting trickier as the days go on. We’re often envious of those that seem to have the perfect work, family, life balance (perhaps just Instagram life and not real life!). Well, we are here to tell you that finding balance when you look in the mirror can be as easy as phi to attain when you’re in the right hands. That’s right, it’s not a spelling mistake, we are talking about the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet PHI!

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Beauty trends, makeup and Contouring with fillers

The secret to extending the life of the hottest beauty trends

You can’t scroll through social media these days without hearing about the latest hot three beauty trends.  Beautiful brow’s, creative contouring and the perfect pout!
Well, this week we’re going to let you in on a few little secrets, giving you our top tips to keep your beauty trends on point for longer than just a weekend night out.
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