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Franchise FAQ’s


What are the benefits of being part of the franchise network?
The purpose of franchising is to create a network of businesses working under different owners yet using the same processes to provide services and products of high quality and unified standard. As a franchisor, My Botique’s goal is to encourage our Clinic Owners to work together to achieve both their business goals and their life goals.

What Franchise specific support does My Botique provide?
We pride ourselves on our training and as a result, have an extensive mentoring program. Your mentor will discuss your business goals and local area marketing with you and visit you on a regular basis to assist in all areas of the business. Our training program offers a thorough, continuous and personal approach.

How much would a My Botique Clinic cost to open?
We aim to keep the fit-out costs to a minimum to support our unique design. The initial investment to establish a My Botique Clinic ranges from $100K to $500K depending on size and location. A corporate partnership may be made available for the right candidates with ownership % based on your comfort level of investment.

How do you identify the right site/location?
A suitable strip or shopping centre is one part of the equation, however it’s equally important to understand the area including traffic patterns, demographics, exposure, competition and even future building plans. A profiling analysis is completed for the location of interest prior to proceeding.

What extra benefits do franchisees get?
Franchisees receive a host of benefits, the highlights including: Exclusive Territory; Mentor program with  full support to grow your business; Online booking system; 1300 phone lines; App; Social media and marketing push; Regular medical training with Allergan, Galderma, AST, AMSL and Mondeal; Instant access to purchase discounts; Invitations to seminars, events and symposiums; Operations manual.

If I already own a clinic can I turn this into a My Botique Clinic?
Yes, you can convert your clinic/salon to a My Botique Clinic. However, there is a conversion criteria for approval that your clinic will need to go through the process. You do not necessarily need to completely re-shop fit your clinic in order to become a franchisee, but you will need to make some initial design changes so clients can identify you as a My Botique clinic.

Can I sell the business?
Yes. You can sell the business at any time during the life of the agreement and renewal period, however the business must be sold to an acceptable individual or organisation approved by the Franchisor. The potential new owners must agree to the terms and conditions of the Franchise agreement.

What territory do I obtain?
The Franchise agreement nominates a specific site and you receive a territory around that site and the nearest My Botique Clinic.


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