Anti Wrinkle Treatments – Soften, Not Freeze! Which is Right for you?

As we age our skin tone can become more uneven and fine lines start to appear. Although ageing is a natural process, it can be accelerated by sun damage, pollution and other lifestyle factors which contribute to the deterioration of the skin’s collagen, the natural protein that helps the skin to remain plump and wrinkle free.

Don’t dismay though… there is a solution! Did you know you can reverse the signs of ageing and recapture your youth with anti-wrinkle injections? My Botique offers preventative solutions for those wishing to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that can last for up to six months!

The Rule

We are cosmetic injection specialists and we take pride in YOUR appearance. We’ve made it our duty to ensure you look your very best in the safest, most natural way possible.
When considering anti-wrinkle treatments, we suggest you go by the two out of three rule. This two out of three guide was designed as a balanced approach for tackling three common dynamic wrinkle areas of your face, leaving natural, beautiful results.

The Effects

The most common areas wrinkles appear are the forehead, frown line, and crow’s feet. When you think about it, these three areas carry a heavy burden as they contain all the muscles used to control our facial expressions. Whether we are constantly smiling, worried, sad, or peeved (or for some of us – all four seasons in one day), these muscles are hard at work and thus, prone to wrinkles.

By limiting treatments to two of these three areas at any one time, your results will reflect a well-balanced, natural look. My Botique recommends altering the combination of treatments throughout the year.

The Results

It’s important to monitor and regulate the different wrinkle zones in a natural and effective way. Anti-wrinkle treatments aren’t a one-trick pony; not only do they reduce wrinkles, they also help contour and sculpt your face. They can even be used to treat hyperhidrosis for those of us who suffer from excessive sweating. A perfect treatment to consider with balmy summer nights just around the corner!

Speak to one of our professional staff at My Botique to find out how anti-wrinkle treatments can help you.