Lip Trends – Bigger, More Defined? We Have All The Answers Covered

We know how popular lip treatments are, and although a plump and full pout is desirable, a lot more goes into making sure it suits the shape of your face

Depending on what the A-listers are currently sporting in Vogue, lip fashion does change, as does the makeup and styling to go with them. While our clients generally focus on increasing the fullness of their lips, it is important to consider what is going on around the lip as well.

Sometimes increasing your lip size can actually accentuate other problem areas on your face, which may have gone unnoticed, leaving you with more obvious wrinkles or depressions. At My Botique, we love to keep up with trends while also offering a total face assessment to ensure we do what’s right for you both now and in the future. It may be that you actually need a lower face enhancement like a 6 or 8-point lift to get the natural long lasting results you desire.

There are a couple of things to consider when searching for the perfect pout:


Most people’s features vary from one side of the face to the other. Working within this balance is important to keep your natural asymmetry symmetrical.

Top and bottom

Balance is the key and one size does not fit all. While we may think a 60/40 or 70/30 split will work for everyone it doesn’t always work that way.

Vermillion border/Cupid’s Bow

You may have plenty of volume already, however, lack definition. Therefore, treating your borders is often the key to enhancing natural volume.

Oral commissures/ DAO muscles

DAO muscles have a downward pulling effect and need consideration. If they are too strong it will create shadowing in your oral commissures and the weight of new lips will only create more hollowing, requiring treatment later. They can be treated with an anti-wrinkle solution and filler while working towards your ideal lips.

Nasolabial folds/ Marionettes

Although marionettes (also known as smile or laugh lines) are usually considered desirable, they can be exacerbated by enhanced lips. If they join with nasolabial folds and create an outer accordion line then that it takes the focus away from the lips and should be considered during the initial consultation.

We also need to think about vertical lip lines, hydration, the mentalis, the cheeks, the mid-face, neck and jaw area and how they relate to your new and desired lips.

So, yes we can make your lips bigger, but it is everything else we do that will make your overall appearance that much better.