Franchise Opportunities


My Botique is THE Cosmetic Injection Specialist – focused on bespoke anti-ageing solutions.

We are small yet prestigious, preferring quality over volume and a loyal repeat clientele.

Our Clinic locations are efficient.

Our Team are caring Professionals.

Our Clientele is loyal and discerning.

We are highly focused on quality service, education and professionalism.

We found something that we love and became great at it!

90% of our revenue is derived from cosmetic injectables, which means that our clinics can be highly productive, with minimum staff, in a small clinic that generates excellent revenue. We focus on what we do best!

Franchises will be awarded to passionate serviced focused medical professionals including Registered Nurses and Doctors. Owners that understand the balance between aspirational yet obtainable aesthetics who are willing to commit to old fashion values in service and professionalism and respect our clientele and the choice that they make. Alternatively, you could be already running a beauty business that you want to rebrand and transition into cosmetic medicine.

Service, professionalism and maturity is key to maintaining our high standards and reputation in the anti ageing industry. – Experience the Difference!


We connect you with:

-Clinic location on MB website

-Online booking system

-1300 phone lines

-Booking App

-Social media push

-Ongoing training and support

-Instant access to purchase discounts

-In-house mentoring will be available in our corporate-owned clinics

-Regular training with Allergan, Galderma, AST, AMSL and Mondeal

-Invitation to seminars, events and symposiums

If you’re passionate about training then you’ll be spoilt for choice as to what’s available. Initial investment $100K to $500K depending on size and location.
A corporate partnership may be made available for the right candidates with ownership % based on your comfort level of investment.

In order to take the next step in opening your own My Botique, we ask that you fill out and return the following application.

The information you provide will help us determine if we are a good match for each other.