Body Treatment

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A Body Treatment can enhance, tone and nourish the skin, burn fat or dissolve fibrous tissue. The treatment can target many areas including the abdominal, inner thighs, jowls, chin, neck, saddlebags, eyelid fat and love handles.

Mesotherapy is a medical specialisation treatment which is used for reducing cellulite, body sculpting and skin rejuvenation. The treatment involves the injection of microscopic quantities of natural enzymes, homeopathic agents and vitamins into the mesoderm layer of the skin in order to deliver corrective treatments to a specific region of the body.

  1. Enhance, tone and nourish the skin. This treatment works to provide the skin with various vitamins and minarals which, with stimulants, trigger the production of collagen, elastin and other essentials.
  2. Stimulate the body to burn fat or dissolve fibrous tissue. This works at a cellular level in the body’s fat cells. Those fat cells have two receptors – an alpha receptor, where the fat cell receives its fat for storage, and a beta receptor, where the fat cell excretes fat when the body needs additional fuel for burning.

Lipodissolve is a term which was coined by Dr Patricia Rittes from Brazil. Dr Rittes theorized that a drug used in Europe to lower cholesterol and triglycerides may also be useful for treating localised deposits of fat. The drug contains two components – phosphatidyl choline (PC) which is actually soy lecithin, something which is used in many food products and naturally exists in human bile to help emulsify fat – the second component is sodium deoxycholate (DC) which is also present in human bile and acts like a detergent to remove fat.

When the solution is injected into fat, a reaction occurs which causes inflammation and destruction of the fat. The fat is then absorbed into the bloodstream and taken up by cells which can eliminate the fat.


Generally, a treatment can take between 20-30 minutes. The procedure consists of making several injections, usually 8-12 into each area with needle sticks that are made with a tiny needle, allowing for minimal discomfort.

After the treatment, patients often feel a warm or slight burning sensation for a few minutes, up to a day post-treatment. Some swelling and redness in the treated area is common and bruising can also occur. Patients are advised not to exercise for 24 hours post treatment, but after that time they can resume normal activities. Some patients may experience temporary nodule formation under the skin where they will feel some firm areas under the skin. The areas are often invisible at the surface and may take several weeks to months to dissipate.

The results can be variable depending on the patient but it may take two to three treatments to see significant results. Treatments are done at two to four week intervals with no more than five sessions; however, treatments can be resumed after six months.

Mesotherapy is not the answer to weight loss but it can be used to sculpt and eliminate localized areas of fat. Whilst it is not intended to replace liposuction, it is a minimally invasive technique without many of the risks of surgery.


Post treatment: Encouraged 72 hours after treatment and continued daily between the treatments massage can be effective in reducing the instance of nodules. Loose clothes are advised to be worn after treatment for 2-3 days.