Lip Lines

Lip Lines

Dermal fillers are the best treatment for smokers lines and lip border and lip lines. However, in some patients, it is worth adding some muscle relaxing injections to prevent the lips being pulled in together causing those vertical lines. Antiwrinkle injections can be used to treat the lip lines (due to Australian regulations, we are not allowed to name the drugs)

  • Sometimes smokers lines are genetic and will run in a family.
  • Small injections with a very fine needle are used to relax the muscle on the upper lip
  • The consultation for muscle relaxing injections for smokers lines

History-taking is very important in the treatment of smoker’s lines. The following should be explored:

  • Is there a genetic component? Ie: are there others in the family who have deep smoker’s lines
  • Has the patient had treatment before?
  • Were they happy every time?
  • Did the effect of the muscle relaxing injections last well?
  • Which area came back first?
  • How is the patient’s metabolism? Do they exercise? Are they very muscular? Do they have trouble putting on or losing weight?
  • Have they every had any complications with muscle relaxing injections of the perioral lines before, including difficult with speaking, eating, drinking through a straw, kissing and smoking
  • Does the patient want a more natural appearance, or do they want the maximal effect possible?
  • What is the age of the patient?
  • Have they used or are they going to use filler in their smoker’s lines as well
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Benefits of Lip Lines

Lip Lines

Soften & Prevent

Frequent and repetitive facial movements strengthen our muscles. Anti-wrinkle aims to temporarily relax these targeted muscles to soften and prevent further lines from forming.  Lip lines can occur due to a genetic predisposition of stronger muscles in this area or due to repetitive facial expressions.

Lip Lines

Look Refreshed

During the ageing process the lines around our mouth caused by repetitive facial movements can make us look older and cause lipstick to bleed into these lines.  By reducing these lines, we can turn back time and look younger and more refreshed.

Lip Lines

Shape & Symmetry

Anti-wrinkle can help remove any undesired wrinkles and lines creating facial harmonisation.

Lip Lines

Not Just For Wrinkles

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used to relax the muscle around the mouth to soften lip lines. This treatment is available for those who are not ready to commit to dermal filler but are wanting a subtle solution.

Lip Lines


 Here at My Botique we use the most premium products in the cosmetic industry to give you the best possible results.

Lip Lines

Medical Team

Every face is unique every treatment plan is catered to you.

Lip Lines
After Treatment

Post Care

Post-completion of anti-wrinkle treatment mild bruising and swelling can occur. We advise a two-week follow up to ensure desired outcome have been achieved.

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Our aesthetic health care professional will begin your aesthetic journey with a medical consultation. Here we discuss your goals and desired outcome.

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Lip Lines

How it works

Lip Lines

Skin Care

Anti-wrinkle smooths and softens those unwanted lines.

Lip Lines


Our trained registered nurses will mark prior to facial injections to ensure accurate facial muscles are being targeted.

Lip Lines


Dynamic & static lines (wrinkles) can be alleviated with anti-wrinkle injections.

Lip Lines


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Lip Lines

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01.Who is unsuitable for treatment?

Most people are suitable for this treatment, but patients should always also consider dermal filler to treat this area

02.What to expect after smoker’s line / lip line treatment?

The effect of the injections will start to occur after 2-8 days. The maximal effect of the drug will be at 3-4 weeks, so a review should be booked for 3 weeks. If at that time, further treatment is necessary, it should be performed.

03.What if I get asymmetry at some time before the 3-week point? Do I call the medical professional?

No. No need to call your medical professional. Sometimes asymmetry will occur because one side just comes on quicker than the other. Usually, it will right itself by the time of the review appointment. If it doesn’t, then it can be treated at the review appointment. There is no point in coming in early for treatment of asymmetry.

04.What do I do if at 3 weeks post treatment one side is better treated than the other?

This is not uncommon, at your 3-week review appointment, further treatment may be administered.

05.How long will the treatment last?

The answer to this is very individual and depends on the patient’s metabolism, the dose, the placement etc.

Typically this is what happens:

  • At 4 weeks, there is a maximal effect
  • at 8 weeks, movement starts to return
  • at 12 weeks, 50% of movement should be back
  • at 16 weeks 80% of movement should be back.

For most patients, this is very close to what occurs.

06.When should I have my next treatment for muscle relaxing injections in lip lines?

Patients should be retreated when the movement is between 50%-80% back, ie: sometime from 3-4 months. Some patients choose to have treatment after 8 weeks


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