Improving Your Gut With IV Drip Infusion

Improving Your Gut With IV Drip Infusion

Gut health is something we often overlook because – out of sight, out of mind – right? Yet, your gut is the ecosystem of your overall health and wellness. A healthy gut often translates to glowing skin, shiny hair, and a comfortable stomach that makes you feel good and confident about being in your own body.

However, the gut is highly sensitive and maintaining its health is easier said than done. Between inflammation, stress, and lack of varied nutrients, it is common to push our gut to the limit – without us even realising it. Thankfully, you don’t need to reinvent your diet – or move through the trials and errors that come with supplements – to improve your gut.

IV Drip Infusion infuse a curated cocktail of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients into your bloodstream, to give your gut the boost it needs to stay healthy. In fact, there are several benefits to IV Drip Infusion you may want to consider… if you want to improve your gut health.

Benefit no 1: Regulate nutritional absorption

The gut encompasses your entire digestive tract, which is responsible for processing food and distributing nutrients properly around the body. When its condition is poor due to inflammation or stress, the gut struggles to both absorb and allot nutrients evenly. This can lead to anything from bloating and constipation to liver issues and insulin resistance.

While consuming healthy food and supplements is beneficial to replenish the gut’s flora, its damaged state may mean that the gut can’t absorb those nutrients properly, no matter how healthy they are. A medical review highlighted that poor gut health, also known as leaky gut, can significantly slow down a healthy diet from restoring the gut.

So, what makes IV Drip Infusion different? Well, an IV Drip Infusion doesn’t rely on the digestive system for nutritional absorption and instead bypass it by going directly through your bloodstream. This process means that your body consumes a higher number of nutrients more quickly, without upsetting your sensitive gut.

Benefit no 2: Reduce gut inflammation

One of the main causes of leaky gut is chronic inflammation. Your gut microbiome contains billions of bacterias that help with its regulation. However, when the variety of bacteria starts to deplete, the gut lining becomes weaker and starts to leak. This bacterial depletion primarily stems from an increase in inflammation.

Gut inflammation can not only impact your digestion, but also have a ripple effect on your skin and overall wellness. Various studies (1,2) point out that gut inflammation can accelerate ageing, and the risks of important chronic diseases. And once it sets in, reducing inflammation solely through diet can take time, patience, and restriction, which is difficult to sustain.

By going directly through the bloodstream, IV Drip Infusion specifically target your immune system – which is your best ally in reducing inflammation. Boosting the immune system means that you encourage it to heal damaged areas and soothe inflammation more effectively.

Benefit no 3: Soothe and restore the gut

You now know that the gut is this microbial ecosystem that needs a variety of bacteria and nutrients to stay healthy. When your gut is “leaky” and inflamed, it struggles to properly absorb anything you put into it. So while it is recommended to eat a healthy, detoxing, and varied diet, it might also not be enough to fully heal your gut.

You might have been advised to eat more probiotics, fibre, and healing spices to soothe your gut. Yet, the state of its microbiome might cause your digestive tract to destroy these beneficial bacterias before they even get the chance to reach your bloodstream or start the healing process. A recent medical study explored the potential for autoimmune response against leaky gut that can prevent digestive healing through food.

That’s when IV Drip Infusion come in. With it, you fully absorb the nutrients needed to soothe inflammation and restore the gut, without the need to burden your digestive system.

Overall, IV Drip Infusion is a great compliment to a healthy diet if you’re dealing with poor gut health and are looking for fast improvement. Additionally, it can be a powerful preventive treatment that ensures your digestive health stays in the best shape possible. After all, who wouldn’t want a bouncy, glowy skin and a pain and bloat-free stomach?

Our Glutathione IV Drip Infusion is thoughtfully designed to detoxify the body and soothe inflammation, while our NAD+ IV Drip Infusion focuses on DNA repair – which is often altered as a result of leaky gut. Through a consultation with one of our therapists, you can dive a little deeper into your gut issue and find what IV Drip Infusion will help you restore it back to health.

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