IV Drip Infusion for Sport Performance and Muscle Recovery

IV Drip Infusion for Sport Performance and Muscle Recovery

IV Drip Infusion for sports performance and muscle recovery aren’t just reserved for professional athletes. In fact, if you feel drained by the thought of going to the gym after a long week, IV Drip Infusion can be beneficial for you too.

Whether it is your commute, long work-hours, or never-ending chores at home, your body burns a lot of energy. So when the pilates or strength training session comes around, this lack of energy may imply that you have to rely (a lot more) on your willpower to get started. Sounds familiar?

Well, you’ll be happy to know that an IV Drip Infusion can not only help regulate your energy level, but also enhance your training and boost post-workout recovery. Intrigued to know how? Keep on reading.

The nutrients typically included in a sports IV Drip Infusion

IV – or intravenous – drip is a form of natural therapy that consists of infusing a combo of minerals and vitamins directly into the bloodstream. When it comes to sports performance and muscle recovery, IV Drip Infusion focus on providing more effectively the nutrients you would typically try to get from consuming a sports drink, applying magnesium topically, or eating protein bars post-workout.

  • L-Carnitine and glutamine acids are essential for energy production during exercise.
  • Vitamin B helps power the metabolism and maintain an adequate flow of oxygen
  • Magnesium, calcium, zinc and potassium influence mineral density, muscle function and the nervous system.

Depending on your metabolism and the length, intensity, and frequency of your workout, your body might use more energy than you think, depleting it from these important nutrients. As such, consuming a simple drink or cereal bar might not be enough to replenish your energy.

IV Drip Infusion for sports performance enhancement

When you exercise, your metabolism converts carbs, fats, and protein into energy to keep up. This process requires many chemical reactions powered by minerals and vitamins, including magnesium, zinc, and B-complex. When you add sweat into the mix, you also lose a lot of fluid, which can ultimately affect your performance – and force you to tired-out more quickly.

This is why athletes love an IV Drip Infusion. The direct-to-bloodstream infusion often includes enough electrolytes, acids, minerals, and vitamins to sustain an intensive workout. A medical study points out that IV fluids can stimulate body functions during physical performance. And while an IV Drip Infusion pre-workout should not equal a meal or water replacement, it gives you that extra dose of energy the body needs to keep up a HIIT or weight training until the end.

IV Drip Infusion for muscle recovery

The good thing about IV is that it is not just beneficial for your physical performance – but can also aid your body post-workout.

Regular physical activity means that your muscles experience small fibre tears during training, which grow back stronger during recovery – aka building strength. However, this healing process often translates to aches and cramps that can last several days. In short, your muscles have to wait for the body to absorb nutrients and rehydrate from food and drinks to repair the damage.

Through the recovery phase, your body needs to replace salt loss and fluid through minerals, minimise inflammation with antioxidants, and stimulate cellular healing with vitamins. An IV Drip Infusion pre and post workout provides those directly to your cells, speeding up recovery in the process. Soreness? Muscle fatigue? Those are things you can significantly reduce with an IV Drip Infusion.

Depending on your fitness regime and physical needs, IV Drip Infusion can help you achieve better results and recover more quickly. If you’re about to embark on a fitness challenge or need the extra energy-support to keep up with your training, IV could be a great option for you! No need to be an athlete.

To boost your fitness, we recommend our NAD+ IV Drip Infusion. NAD+, or Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a coenzyme that promotes DNA repair. It helps turn nutrients into energy, regular proteins, and support cell functions, which is essential to increase sport performance and enhance muscle recovery.

Learn more about NAD+ IV Drip Infusion




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