Great skin is not immediate, it’s a journey, one which involves time, dedication and money. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, it’s exciting! With My Botique’s guidance, your aesthetic goals can be a reality!
So what can you expect from a visit to My Botique? What does your journey to your ideal beauty look like?



We have made it easy for you to book an appointment by offering numerous avenues to contact our clinics.

Our online booking portal located via our website allows clients to choose their treatment, date, time and medical professional they wish to see. It only takes 2 minutes. In fact, it’s only 5 clicks away!

You can also download our App. Just like our website booking portal, My Botique’s App allows clients to choose their treatment, date, time and medical professional they wish to see. Available for Iphone and Android.

Finally, you can give our clinics a call and speak to one of our friendly receptionists. Call 1300 126 869

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It’s not necessary to pre-pay for your appointment, however all bookings require credit card details to confirm an appointment. In accordance with My Botique’s Terms & Conditions, if clients do not show to their appointment without adequate notice, $150 will be charged to their card. This is to ensure our clinic and medical professionals are using their time and skills in a timely and just way, and so that we can accommodate all of our clients fairly.



Medical consultations with one of our experienced staff members consist of a thorough examination of the structural integrity and condition of your skin. Your medical professional will discuss your overall health, treatment options and procedures. During this time clients can feel free to ask any and all questions regarding cosmetic injections and skin queries. There are no stupid questions. This is a safe space and all your concerns are valid and seen to.

Medical consultations cost $75, with the amount redeemable of your first treatment.



Before treatment is underway, your My Botique Medical professional will thoroughly walk you through treatment expectations. You will also receive a quote before treatment goes ahead.

Your comfort is the most important aspect whilst treatment is taking place and My Botique staff ensure our clients feel safe, looked after and nerve free. Your treatment takes place in a private room, with your feet up on a recliner, music playing and, if you need it, a stress ball to squish your worries into. The environment is of clinical nature, meaning that the highest medical protocols are in place at all times. Hygiene, equipment, safety gear, products and PPE are all medical grade. We take this very seriously and go above and beyond all compliance agreements.



Following treatment, your My Botique medical professional will supply you with thorough aftercare instructions. Our clinics are open 7 days a week for our clients to contact us with any concerns and queries if they have any further questions post-treatment.



After your treatment, we don’t give you a smile and send you on your way like a lot of clinics. We genuinely want you to reach your aesthetic goals, so we tailor-make a treatment plan for you going forward. We suggest a timeline of treatments to continue working towards your ideal look and encourage you to rebook follow-up appointments with us.

My Botique staff do not work on a commission basis, so rest assured, the guidance and treatment suggestions you are receiving from us come from a place of genuine care, passion and true excitement for reaching your beauty goals.

We recommend booking every 12 weeks for maximum treatment benefit. Start ticking off your wish list! Lips, Cheeks and Tox – Tick. Jaw, Chin and Tox – Tick. Beauty Booster, Vitamin C infusion and B12 shot – Tick!



An at-home skincare routine is necessary to complement and maintain your My Botique treatments. We offer one of Australia’s leading skincare ranges for our clients – Aspect Dr.

Aspect Dr is an exclusive range of physician only, high-performance skincare that has been expertly engineered to target individual skin concerns. Combining active ingredients with cutting edge technology to protect your most precious asset.

If you are new to the range or apprehensive to delve into ‘Active Ingredients’ we recommend starting with Aspect Dr’s Starter Kit. It comes with a travel size cleanser, moisturiser, Vitamin A serum and Vitamin C serum.



What do you need, to bring out your very best? Continued appointments at My Botique are highly recommended to maintain any work and treatments you have undergone. We want you looking your best, always! Maintenance is necessary to prolong the outcome of your treatments and continue to provide support and nourishment to your skin.


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Become a My Botique member
Subscribe to our newsletter and receive 20% off your first treatment.

Be the first to know about our exclusive offers and new treatments.